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Connecting and Committed

​... To a Life with God

Living in a broken world means that it is a challenge to remember
who God is in our lives. Join us November 5 and 6 as we remember
together our God who constantly is connecting and committed to us
as He calls, knows, and equips us.

... To a Life with Treasures
Having a right connection with our treasure helps us understand
where our commitment rests. Do we serve God? Or do we serve possessions?
Join us November 12 and 13 as we work through those questions together!

... To a Life with Others

God has made us to be people who can connect and commit to others
through the many seasons of their life. Join us November 19 and 20 as we walk
through how we can reflect Christ’s love with the people God has called us to serve.

Pledge of Your Time, Talents and Treasures

There are several ways to pledge:

The minutes you will spend growing in the Word of the Lord


The minutes in service to Make a Difference

Your financial contributions to support the ministry

and mission of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

​Electronically: Use this link:


In Worship: If you received a brochure/pledge card

in the mail, you can bring your commitment to Worship
and place it in the offering baskets near the Sanctuary doors
with your weekly offering.

In the Mail: You can return your brochure/pledge card via the USPS
to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, 5005 Northwest Blvd., Plymouth MN 55442.


Brochure/pledge cards are available at the Welcome Center.

For more information, contact Pastor Joe Behnke


For assistance with online giving, please contact the church office

at 763.550.1000 or



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