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The curriculum at the Beautiful Savior Child Development Center is specifically designed to minister to the whole child: socially, creatively, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.


The curriculum is designed for young children and consists of spiritual and social living, communication arts, expressive arts, wellness, and discovery about the world. We work to ensure these experiences are fun and interesting for the children in a positive Christian climate.


The Curriculum is AGE APPROPRIATE
The learning environment is prepared according to predictable sequence of growth and changes in the child’s life. Each child is a unique creation of God and, with this in mind, the curriculum and interactions of adults is responsive to individual differences and based on individual appropriate learning.


The Curriculum incorporates PLAY
Children’s play is a vehicle for learning by enabling children to progress along the developmental sequences.  Child’s sensory and self-initiated activities are an important part of the development. The Center's classrooms are divided into these play centers with the appropriate materials displayed and easily accessible:

  • Art

  • Blocks

  • Dramatic play

  • Manipulatives

  • Science and sensory

  • Music

  • Library


The Curriculum has a CHRISTIAN FOCUS
The Center offers a distinctly Christian program. Each day, teachers

share Christ with the children, care for each of them as one of God’s

children and prepare them to live in God’s world through:

  • Daily Jesus times to teach God’s Word and love

  • Prayers

  • Simple Bible stories

  • Christian songs

  • Weekly chapel

  • Christian books

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