Raising Kids is...Not Easy!

Our fast-paced, social media-saturated, smart-phoned culture leaves little room for God. We know Christian parents have a tough job on the home front: training kids to know and value Jesus Christ, even when it seems to be increasingly countercultural. Thankfully, you are not alone. You've got help! Just like the home, the church is also created by God to be a powerful influence in the lives of people young and old. And when working together, church and home - you and us - can powerfully transform the hearts and lives of our children.

At Beautiful Savior, we value kids and their relationship with Jesus.

That's why we offer Sprouts for ages 3-Kindergarten and Treehouse for Grades 1-5, high-energy and fun environments for kids on Sunday mornings, where kids can:

Learn to pray and have conversations with God.

Be students of His Word and learn from the Bible.

Give thanks and praise to God in fun activities and song.

Demonstrate Jesus' love in what they say and how they behave.

Be together in one place as a community of believers.

Contact us at or 763-235-7647 to learn how we can partner with you as God grows your child.

COVID-19 Protocols

Due to COVID-19 we have suspended our normal Sunday morning schedule in favor of the following:



Each week lessons are made available online in both a preschool, and an elementary format.  Links to the lessons are sent via a weekly Parent Page email.



Using the Great Room we offer an in-person Family Sunday School where parents/guardians and children up thru grade 5 are encouraged to come.  Separate tables for each family, socially distanced are set up and we sanitize the Great Room before everyone arrives and then after everyone leaves. If you have young children who need toys, snacks, etc. you will need to bring them.  Masks are required and the tables are set apart.  You do have to register just like you do for worship.  For the time being we have chosen to not close registration at 5:00pm on Wednesday however, we ask that you try to register before Friday at 5:00pm to help us with set up.



Join us for In Person Family Sunday School on Sundays at 9:30am in Great Room A & B! Be sure to register for your family's spot! Below are registration links for upcoming weeks.

Click Here to register for May 9th

Click Here to register for May 16th