Part of our Pathway here at Beautiful Savior is to Make a Difference in the lives and communities in which we are involved.

There are many ways in which you can get involved!


If you would like to contribute via our online giving portal, please click below.


If you are interested in volunteering at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, please contact Pastor Joe Behnke for more information!


We have multiple support groups you can be a part of. We encourage you to invite family and friends to these groups as well.



Due to the events in Afghanistan over the last few weeks, there are some Afghani refugees coming to Minnesota.  They are coming in the clothes they had on when they left.

Through our partner, Good in the Hood, we are hoping to collect various clothing needs to help them transition to Minnesota and the upcoming fall/winter.  Here is what we need:




Wool or Cotton Socks

By October 7th, please bring only new or like-new items to the church office or drop them off just outside the sanctuary on the weekend.  

Thank you in advance for helping Make a Difference with the love of Jesus!

Operation Make a Difference 2021

Each month for 2021, Beautiful Savior will be Making a Difference for people in need of encouragement and support.

For September, our focus will be notes of encouragement and treats for the Maple Grove Fire Department.  Please leave notes of encouragement on the banner in the Gathering Space or click here to print off a sheet to write on at home and drop it off in the brown bin outside entrance “C”.

January 2021

North Memorial Hospital

ICU Nurses

February 2021

Maple Grove

Police Department

March 2021

St. Therese

Care Center

April 2021

Homeless Community

May 2021

Minnesota Veterans Home

June 2021

Plymouth Fire Department

July 2021

Plymouth Police Department

August 2021

Backpack Pack

"Every Meal" Zachary Lane

“Every Meal” Is a Christian organization that helps children on free and reduced lunches have food on the weekend.  Every Friday, the people of Beautiful Savior will go to Zachary Lane Elementary and leave prepackaged meals in assigned school bags to ensure food security until they return to school the following week.

It is roughly a 1-hour commitment around 12 pm every Friday.  If you are interested in being on the contact list for volunteers, please click on the Signup Genius link!



SoleCare for Souls