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Since 1924, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church has experienced a variety of growth over the years. During the late 1990s, God led us to build and place our growing roots in Plymouth, Minnesota. In the late 2000s, we once again met the growing needs of our congregation and local community by building additional classrooms, a large group meeting space, and the Beautiful Savior Child Development Center

When you visit, you’ll notice the beauty all around you from the scenic view overlooking the bustling highway to the open common spaces, to the light-filled sanctuary. While the beauty of our facility is breathtaking, our purpose is greater.

Our Purpose

Connecting people with God’s love and helping them live as committed followers of Christ.

Our Pathway

Our Pathway is how we seek to carry out our purpose and we invite you to join us in Worship. Grow. Make a Difference as a community of faith but also as individuals.

Our Beliefs & Values

  • We believe Jesus is the Center.
  • We believe simpler is better.
  • We believe God has called us to grow.
  • We believe excellence honors God and inspires people.

In addition to these core beliefs, is our belief in the Gospel. The unexpected good news that Jesus’ sacrificial death frees you from sin and offers you a Christ-filled life now and in the world to come (John 3:16). We believe the Gospel is a free gift, not a rule to follow, task to accomplish, or goal to work toward. We believe the Gospel is a freeing power for daily living. We believe the Gospel is Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Lastly, we believe the Gospel is for you and for all people.

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Our Location

We are located at the intersection of Northwest Blvd. and Schmidt Lake Road in Plymouth, Minnesota. Our address is 5005 Northwest Blvd., Plymouth, MN 55442. We are EAST of 494 and NORTH of Rockford Rd. Depending on where you are located, there many different ways to get to us. Use the Google map below to find the directions that are best for you.

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Our staff members are available to answer any questions you may have about us. Call us at 763.550.1000 or send a message using the form below. For inquiries about our Child Development Center please call 763.235.7626

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The world says to keep others at a distance and work through problems independently with self-help podcasts and TV shows. However, the Bible provides excellent examples of what living in a community could and should look like. God lives in eternal community, Jesus lived in community with his 12 disciples, and the early church lived in a community. Now it’s your turn.

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Kids & Students

Our fast-paced, social media-saturated, smart-phoned culture leaves little room for God. We know Christian parents have a tough job on the home front: training kids to know and value Jesus Christ, even when it seems to be increasingly countercultural. Thankfully, you’re not alone. You’ve got help!

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