Worship Registration

Saturday, February 27th *registration closes at 5:00pm on Feb. 24

Sunday, February 28th *registration closes at 5:00pm on Feb. 24

Parking Lot Communion

You can listen in your car by tuning your radio to 94.1 FM.

Wednesday, February 24th *registration closed, please call 763.550.1000

Worship Online Saturdays at 5:00pm

Join us for worship on our YouTube channel every Saturday at 5:00pm.


Each weekend’s registration will close on Wednesday at 5:00 pm.  If you miss the window, please call the church office  763-550-100 or email Pastor Joe: jbehnke@beautifulsaviorlc.org and we can get you registered! 


We believe the Gospel is a free gift, not a rule to follow, task to accomplish, or goal to work toward. We believe the Gospel is a freeing power for daily living. We believe the Gospel is Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Lastly, we believe the Gospel is for you and for all people.The unexpected good news that Jesus’ sacrificial death frees you from sin and offers you a Christ-filled life now and in the world to come (John 3:16).




5005 Northwest Blvd

Plymouth, MN 55442



Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00am-4:00pm


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