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About Us

Our Purpose

Connecting people with God's love and helping them live as committed followers of Christ.

Our Pathway

Our Pathway is how we carry out our purpose, and we invite you to join us as we Worship. Grow. Make a Difference. 


Worship: Connect to God through weekly worship and devotions.

Grow: Grow in faith together through a Bible study or small group.

Make a Difference: Love and serve others where God is sending you.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe Jesus is the Center.

We believe simpler is better.

We believe God has called us to growth.

We believe excellence honors God and inspires people.

In addition to these core beliefs, is our belief in the Gospel. The unexpected good news that Jesus' sacrificial death frees you from sin and offers you a Christ-filled life now and in the world to come (John 3:16).
We believe the Gospel is a free gift, not a rule to follow, task to accomplish, or goal to work toward.
We believe the Gospel is a freeing power for daily living. We believe the Gospel is Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Lastly, we believe the Gospel is for you and for all people.


Our staff welcomes you to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church! We're excited to get to know you. For general inquiries or specific questions, call us at 763-550-1000 and our administrative assistants will gladly direct you to the right person.  If you prefer to send an email, feel free to view our staff listing below and send a message today!

Joe Behnke, Associate Pastor and Directo

Pastor Joe Behnke

Senior Pastor

Mary McKnight.jpg

Mary McKnight


Child Development Center

Nancy Severeid, Director of Music and Wo
Jennifer Gross.jpg

Jennifer Gross

Adult Connections

Nancy Severeid

Worship Connections

Amy Niemann, Youth Director.jpg
Kay Christoffersen, Spiritual Care Minis

Amy Niemann

Youth Connections

Kay Christoffersen

Care Connections

Kim Pieper.jpg

Kim Pieper


Rachel Olson, Administrative Assistant t

Rachel Olson

Business Support Manager

Alex Selness.jpg

Alex Selness

Facilities Manager

Gretchen Schlosser

Communications Specialist


Amy Lawson

Kitchen Manager


Jerry Gnerer


Diane Kosloske, Front Desk.jpg

Diane Kosloske

Administrative Assistant

Dan Leupke.jpg

Dan Leupke


Tracey Schlueter Assistant Director of C

Tracey Schlueter

Assistant Director, Child Development Center


Sarah Overton

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Kirov.jpg

Andrew Kirov

Production Coordinator


Elaine Tamte

Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Desk


Darius Schumann


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are responsible for representing members of the congregation and can be reached at the phone numbers  below or by email at


Michael Bruder 612.505.8392

Kate Eliason 612.206.7639

Paige Fellows 763.258.3378

Steve Hoem 612.207.3311

Scott Meyer 612.802.6309
​Jim Parkhurst 612.961.3839

JaNet Rogge 612.799.5870
​Phil Wentzel, 612.702.9168


Our Board's Characteristics

Exhibits godly character and lifestyle

Has a deep passion for Jesus

Consistently attends weekly worship services

Actively invests time in his/her faith walk including regular Bible Study

Participates in service events in alignment with God-given skills and abilities

Supports the mission of the church financially

Displays personal humility

Genuinely loves people

Is a lifelong learner

Understands and agrees with God’s leadership assignment

Grapples with the future

Focuses on the team

Leads willingly

Positively influences others

Is a purveyor of hope

Jim Parkhurst



Kate Eliason.jpg

Kate Eliason


Paige Fellows.jpg

Paige Fellows


Phil Wentzel.jpg

Phil Wentzel



Michael Bruder


Janey Rogge.png

JaNet Rogge


Scott Meyer

Vice Chair


Steve Hoem


steve hoemSM.jpg

Board Meeting Minutes


Voters Meeting Minutes

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