1st-5th Grade

Welcome to Savior’s Treehouse!

1st-5th Grade kids come together for a large group opening in the Savior’s Treehouse to learn how to CONNECT to God, GROW in faith, and SERVE & REACH others through songs, Bible story dramas, videos, and storytelling. In small group, they learn to apply the Bible story lesson to their daily lives.

And it gets better!

Kids also have opportunities to participate in MISSION PROJECTS to help kids learn to help others as God has commanded us to do. Sunday School offerings are collected weekly and used to support mission projects through Operation Christmas Child; Donating and packing boxes for children in need all over the world, Compassion International; Sponsoring three Compassion children; Aldebaran from Mexico, Maria from Peru, Thanapat from Thailand. 363Days; Assembling sandwiches for the homeless in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

We encourage our 1st-5th Grade kids to share and show the love of Jesus to all they encounter, inviting friends and neighbors to join them. Parents we encourage you to volunteer with Sunday School and join in our fun!


Register for Sunday School


Please note: Church membership is not required to enroll kids in Sunday School. Questions about Sunday School? Contact Brenda Meyer, 763.235.7630
Trouble with registering through Our BSLC Login? Contact Gretchen Knispel, 763.235.7638

PDF registration form available here.