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9-12th grade Students

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Just One: Suicide Prevention

Just one life can impact the lives of many.
Just one decision. Just one moment.
Just one more opportunity to choose to live today.
Let’s talk about suicide.
Let’s talk about hope.
Let’s talk about life.
Let’s talk about how important just one conversation can be.

Join us for a dynamic speaker, music, student stories, door prizes, and resources for working through depression and suicide.
We’re excited to have Sam Eaton from Recklessly Alive Ministries share his story.

Just one event. Just one life. It all matters.

Area youth leaders and community members felt deeply that we needed to respond to suicide in our community. Let’s start the conversation.

Sam Eaton:
Wayzata Public Schools:



Thank you for investing in the lives of our young people! Check here for helpful info as you lead your small group.