Here are a couple sites we think might help you as you grow in your faith with God!

6-8th Grade Parents

We are committed to walking beside parents in their calling. We recognize that parents and grandparents are the most influential people in their child’s faith-life. We’re glad to be a place of inspiration, innovation, and encouragement as you and your children grow together in a life of faith. Do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them (Deuteronomy 4:8–10). When it comes to teaching your children, we’ve got your back–because your leadership makes all the difference.

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First Communion
Each year at 6:30pm on the five Wednesdays prior to Ash Wednesday sixth graders and their parents, grandparents, or significant adults are invited to attend this class in preparation to receive the Sacrament. This interactive class represents another milestone in the faith journey of our young people. Thus, family plays an important role in the experience, making First Communion a significant event for the whole family.

Faith Basics Ministry at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is an important part of our overall ministry to junior high students. Through this two-year program students learn about Jesus by attending class sessions, developing relationships, participating in service opportunities, and exercising their faith in new and exciting ways. Faith Basics helps prepare students and their families for their confession of faith in The Rite of Confirmation.

Classes & Workshops
Because kids don’t come with instructions, and raising children isn’t easy, Beautiful Savior is committed to providing parenting workshops throughout the school year. No matter what age your child or grandchild, you’ll learn how to establish skills to create a strong, loving and respectful relationship with your child. Some of these workshops do entail a cost, some are free, however if cost is a factor for your family contact a staff member and we will happily waive the fee. Parents are welcome to attend any or all of the workshops.

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Just One: Suicide Prevention

Just one life can impact the lives of many.
Just one decision. Just one moment.
Just one more opportunity to choose to live today.
Let’s talk about suicide.
Let’s talk about hope.
Let’s talk about life.
Let’s talk about how important just one conversation can be.

Join us for a dynamic speaker, music, student stories, door prizes, and resources for working through depression and suicide.
We’re excited to have Sam Eaton from Recklessly Alive Ministries share his story.

Just one event. Just one life. It all matters.

Area youth leaders and community members felt deeply that we needed to respond to suicide in our community. Let’s start the conversation.

Sam Eaton:
Wayzata Public Schools:

Honoring God | Session 2
Honoring God | Session 3
Honoring God | Session 4
Honoring God | Parent Session



We love our Small Group Leaders! If you are interested in becoming a small group leader, contact Amy Niemann at or 763-550-1000

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