We are a worshiping, serving, witnessing congregation. We are also a praying congregation. Prayer is at the very heart of the Christian life. Prayer is also at the heart of the congregation’s life. Jesus modeled a life of prayer and St. Paul invites us to pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17). We invite you to become a part of our prayer ministry!

If you would like someone to pray with you today, contact our church office at 763-550-1000. All prayers are kept private.

Published Prayers

Update or send prayer requests to be printed in the worship service folder to:
Rachel Olson at or 763-550-1000. Unless instructed otherwise, names are printed/displayed for 3 consecutive weeks and military personnel will remain.

Prayers for Puerto Rico WorkCamp Mission Trip
Regan Aldes, Nathan Ausk, Joshua Betterman, Sierra Bonine, Asa Brigham, Ava Brigham, Carol Buendorf, Payton Buendorf, Lauren Buendorf, Juli Burns, Lawson Burns, Lynn Coffey, Noah Englert, Brett Esterberg, Morgan Frank, Erin Frank, David Grant, Gracey Herzberg, Cody Hughes, Elisabeth Kuball, Hailea Kuball, Olivia Loveless, Matt Marasch, Jill Mettler, Hunter Mettler, Hannah Mettler, Madison Millard, Lane Nehotte, Amy Niemann, Lydia Niemann, Rachel Ormsbee, Karenna Osteboe, Brandon Patras, Dawson Penshorn, Jared Penshorn, Madison Peters, Andrew Peterson, Gerrit Severeid, Tim Severeid, Ashlynn Smith, Bailey Smith, Claire Thompson, Brandt Thompson, Madi Tobias, Debbie Uecker, Sam Winkel Thank you for praying for our team as they prepare to travel and serve July 21-28