After worshiping at Beautiful Savior many individuals and families find they wish to become more formally associated with our community, i.e. they desire to become “members” of the church. While membership is not required to participate in almost any activity connected with Beautiful Savior, it does indicate a desire to make a deeper commitment to serving the Lord and His people through the shared ministries of our community.

Depending upon where you are in your faith journey, there are two options. First, if your relationship to Jesus Christ is just beginning, or if you are a believer but are coming to Beautiful Savior from a faith community other than Lutheran, “Bible 101” is offered twice a year just for you. These sessions explore, in a straightforward way, what we believe concerning God, the Bible, and our faith.
Second, for those who do come from a Lutheran faith community or have completed Bible 101, Membership Orientation is offered twice a year. These sessions are led by staff and are designed to help you find your place within the Beautiful Savior community. You will meet a variety of staff and ministry leaders and learn what kind of commitment is expected of those who desire to become members.

New Member Flow Chart


If you’re interested in becoming a member of Beautiful Savior contact Bill Johnson at 763-550-1000 or or fill out the form below.

New Member Form

  1. Download the PDF form to your computer
  2. Fill out the PDF form.
  3. Save the PDF form (print if desired).
  4. Email completed PDF form to Bill Johnson –