Our Dreams

Over a year ago, the building committee received permission to work with an architect and look at our options for modifying our current facilities to meet our growing needs.

Build more classrooms

We have determined that adding 10 – 12 more classrooms would expand our Kingdom Impact and enable us to welcome new families with children and to grow for years to come. It would also free up more space for adult education. A new wing on the main floor with natural lighting and a secure entrance would create a dedicated Sunday School place for 1st through 5th grade children.


Create a Child Development Center

A preschool is one of the greatest evangelism tools available to churches today. Families who would never dream of visiting a new church, walk through the doors—thinking they are looking for care for their children—and they end up finding Christ. Our part-time preschool would grow into a full-time Child Development Center, filling a pressing need for families who want a Christian environment for their children. It would make good use of classrooms that sit empty during the weekdays.


Build a fellowship and education hall

A new multi-purpose space near the kitchen would enable us to double our large group gathering capacity and welcome the many groups and people whose facility use requests we currently turn away. This would resolve our need for the large group Sunday School openings.

All drawings are preliminary. Actual design will be altered and refined based upon funding and congregational approval.

1st Floor

1st Floor_no logo

2nd Floor

2nd Floor_no logo


Build a columbarium

A columbarium is a structure for safekeeping cremated remains in “niches” or spaces that hold urns. With a columbarium, we can still have the sense that when we go to church, we’re there with the communion of saints who have gone before us.


Pay down debt

Because we desire to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we would only pay for our building needs with funds that we raise, while devoting additional funds toward paying down our principal early.