Kingdom Impact

We exist to connect people with God’s love and help them live as committed followers of Christ. To do this faithfully, we have been a congregation on the move. In 93 years, we have grown into a community of 2,500 members with a building that sits on 32 acres in Plymouth, MN, our 5th home. We knew that the size of our church family would continue to grow…and once again it has! View our 2014 History Book for complete timeline. On Commitment Weekend April 30/May 1, 2016, we asked all members to make generous three-year financial pledges over and beyond their current giving. Thanks to you, we have exceeded our goal of $4.2 million.

Final Months of Kingdom Impact

2019 is here and we are entering the final months of the Kingdom Impact Capital Campaign! We finished 2018 with over $4.2 million total money received, which is right on pace with our pledge forecasting. This month, we will make a lump sum payment of about $250,000 against the construction loan. Watch for information coming in the months ahead as together we prepare to finish Kingdom Impact strong. Thank you all for your gifts and prayers of support. Jim Holmlund 763.550.1000

As of May 5, 2019

Pledged to date……………………….…….$4,490,397

Contributions to date……………..……..4,330,865

Construction loan amount……….……$443,231

If you would like to make a 3-year pledge, you still can. Pledges can be placed in the offering plate during Worship or dropped off at the Church Office during the week. Please continue to be in prayer too see how God leads you to participate in the Kingdom Impact campaign. Thank you for joining us in our next steps to expand our Kingdom Impact!